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Fourth Statistical Days at the University of Luxembourg
June 17-20, 2009

Exploring change

Developing adequate research methodologies for the exploration of intra-or inter individual variations over time is a challenge in evaluation research focused on medical, psychotherapeutic, psycho pedagogic and psychosocial interventions. The same procedures can be relevant for process oriented research in natural sciences or economics and finance.

The aim of the conference is to bring together statisticians with action researchers or postgraduate students working in research conditions for which the use of classical parametric statistics is not adequate or unsatisfying. The programme of the conference will respect the balance between theoretical presentations related to epistemology and methodology of research, explanation of procedures and presentation of experimental results in medicine, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities, economics and finance.

The mathematical foundations and the conditions of application of some multi-dimensional non parametric procedures will be discussed, and the current evolution in this realm will be outlined. The interaction structure analysis (ISA), partial least squares (PLS) methods and the dynamic factor model (DFM) will especially be stressed.

As to experimental designs, the holistic approach will be opposed to the reductionist one. The interest of some recent evaluation tools allowing to link qualitative and quantitative approaches will be demonstrated with the help of applications. Among others, the methodological, clinical and experimental results of the multi-annual research project "Application of Arts Therapies to some Crucial Problems of our Society", funded by the FNR, will be discussed.

The conference will take place in the Abbey of Neumunster due to the sponsorship of the National Research Fund , and will be organised by the Research Unit of the Luxembourg School of Finance of the Faculty for Law, Economics and Finance and the Research Unit for Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology and art Therapy of the Fondation François-Elisabeth with the participation of the Mathematical Society of Luxembourg, the Society for Medical Sciences of Luxembourg, the International Association for Art, Creativity and Therapy , the International Society of Psychopathology of the Expression and Art-therapy and the French Society of Psychopathology of the Expression and Art-therapy.

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